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Nervous Dog Coffee is devoted to sourcing premium coffees, then expertly matching roast levels to each crop in order to bring out the best of the best... highlighting each subtle characteristic of that particular coffee.  It's a crop, and each one is unique.

We apply that to our community as well.  We are dedicated to supporting PEOPLE, wherever they may be; charitable organizations, schools, locally-owned businesses and YOU… and producing delicious results.

Along with really good coffee, an idea was brewing at Nervous Dog (‘percolating’? Never mind). As a community-minded business, Nervous Dog realizes that many local organizations are in need of effective ongoing development opportunities; simple implementation and strong results, for the win.

Nervous Dog Coffee’s fund-raising arm was born with the primary objective of creating a unique, hassle-free fundraising option that is truly… neighbor helping neighbor.

Hands Lifting Bow Coffee Fundraising


How Our Affiliate Program Works 


Hit us up-  email support@nervousdog.com, ask away. Or  let's set up a time to chat! 

Step One: We’ll create a unique link for you to distribute to all of your loyal, generous supporters. Social media, website, newsletters, print... you name it.  For every order generated from that link, we’ll contribute a percentage of coffee sales to your organization. 

Step Two: Psych- that's it.  But regarding Step One... we'll talk about timing, your goals, and how to get the word out to as many supporters as possible.  They'll try it because they want to support you, and reorder because... welp, it's just that good.  Subscriptions, gift cards... mostly, some really amazing coffee. We genuinely WANT to help; 'tis the basis of this entire online store, after all.

That Simple: Easy, peasy – zero maintenance. TONS of people love high end coffee (especially ours, ahem)...  repeat purchases are frequent and sustainable. And yep- we’ll ship it right to their doorstep.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

Effort? Less is more. Ongoing fundraising? More is more. Nervous Dog Coffee? It’s AWESOME (um, more or less). Let's collaborate on this.

Nervous Dog Coffee and you- 

Love. Experience. Share.