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Kim P: 'Just curious HOW you are providing free coffee to health care workers?'

Good question, Kim!

Best answer is ‘very carefully’ 😉. In all seriousness, we’re adding up all the complimentary cups we would ordinarily hand our patrons with a bean purchase, in order to bring them to various healthcare facilities 5 gallons at a time (along with cups, lids, sweetener etc.) If they have brewing capabilities, we’re offering them the equivalent in beans.

Our first donation… make that YOUR first donation… is confirmed with Akron General/Cleveland Clinic. We are actively choosing the second; folks have been extraordinarily supportive and that time is fast-approaching. We'll mix it up, spread the love- we call and make arrangements for drop-off outside so the recipient can step out and carry it the rest of the way, and do it all over in reverse when they’re ready to return the 5g container.

I think that covers it? If you have any nearby favorites, happy to see about making that happen… if not, there are a TON of deserving recipients!

Thanks for asking!